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The international award in the field of beauty and health "Grase" is an annual and most prestigious event in the field of beauty and health in Russia. Among our nominees there are the best and well known cosmetic brands, beauty salons, centers of cosmetic, aesthetic and plastic surgery, anti-age clinics, dental centers, SPA and wellness centers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.    

Grase Award does its best to present all variety of beauty and health industry and rewards the bests that have achieved excellence in their categories at the most prestigious event in the beauty and health industry calendar.

Voting is cast by beauty and health guests.  Over the past 6 years millions of beauty and health fans from all Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) flocked to www.grasia-msk.ru website and voted their favorite brands and places, so Grase Award reflects the popular choices of real consumers.

Reception of our award for clinics, medical centers and beauty salons of Russia and CIS countries means, that professionalism of experts-cosmeticians, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, masters of manicure and other employees, qualitative service as skill to give beauty and health – all it notice and clients appreciate.

Gala Ceremony of Grase Award is a bright annual event in the world of professionals of beauty and health industry. Leading experts of the branch, known experts in the field of cosmetology, including from near and far abroad, public organizations in beauty and health sphere, heads of the Russian professional cosmetology and beauty editions, TV channels gather to celebrate winners of Grase Award.

  WINNERS (VII Ceremony)

The best dental clinic class Premium


 Best TV program about health and beauty 



The best versatile clinic 


The best studio of beauty. Opening of year.


The best dental clinic 


The best SPA the resort in Europe


The best Vip SPA salon. Opening of year 


The best SPA salon. Opening of year


The best clinic on weight reduction 


Rest, health, beauty - travel agency


Grase in SPORTS



The best cosmetic surgeon



GRACE in show business - the Best producer collective



WINNERS (VI Ceremony)


Best TV program about health and beauty



  Mrs. Grace


Best beauty salon, trust and reputation



  Best cosmetical brand


Best SPA salon


Person of the year, best dentist-orthopedist


Person of the year, TOP stylist


Person of the year, TOP manager, cosmetologist



Person of the year, best plastic surgeon



Person of the year, opening of the year


Person of the year, best hairdresser



Best fitness club  


Best magazine about beauty, health and medicine



Best brand of the year



WINNERS (V Ceremony)

 Best TV program about health and beauty 



Best dental clinic



Best center of cosmetology



Professional in beauty and health industry



Best medical center



Best plastic surgery clinic


Best beauty salon, private service


Best premium class beauty salon


Best medical center, opening of the year


Best plastic sergeon


Best aesthetic medicine clinic


Best beauty salon, trust and reputation

Best TV program about plastic surgery


Best fitness club

Grand Prix



MEDIA PARTNERS (Glossy Magazines) 



«Beauty Salon» is the first illustrated magazine in a thematic niche «Cosmetology, style, health». Here you will find information about beauty industry’s services, on how to keep your skin beautiful and young for longer and recommended products for comprehensive skin care for your face and body, advices, techniques, tendencies in beauty industry and much more.

Magazine «CABINES Russie» is an international edition for experts of beauty industry and assistance in building of successful business in the field of beauty. Audience: Beauty salons, fitness-centers, beauty clinics, private cosmetologists.  
- skin care with use of means of professional cosmetics and massage technologies;
- protocols of leading cosmetic marks procedures;
- care with natural methods (phyto- and aromatherapy);
- description of a seasonal esthetic problem and ways of its solutions, overview of professional cosmetics;
- help in business organization, choice of beauty salon concept;
- analysis of clients psychology, techniques of successful sales;
- review of Russian and international beauty market.

The magazine «Psv» is for professionals and teachers of hairdresser's academies, schools, colleges, courses, faculties of professional skills improvement and also for cosmetic companies that have seminars for stylists. It is a rich source of instantly updated information about hair services and hairstyles.

The medical magazine «Health and Fitness» is a specialized glossy edition about health, sports and beauty.

The magazine will help:
1. To choose correctly medicine and cosmetics, means of hygiene for women and men;
2. To receive trustworthy information concerning diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases;
3. Offers of medical centers, cosmetic and fitness centers.

Magazine "Interview" is a source of trustworthy information about people and events. It is a popular glossy monthly edition with articles about issues and news that people want to read about.

Magazine-catalog «Just married. Wedding in Moscow». It is a specialized edition about wedding and family subjects. Here you will find topics related to Beauty, Family, Relationships, Bridal Tips, Hairstyling Tips, Shopping and Holidays.

Magazine "LOOK and TOUCH" is a full-color glossy magazine with information on topics ranging from design of house, style and travel to entertainment.  The magazine is free-of-charge delivered to offices, exhibition centers, beauty salons, elite houses of Moscow.

 This unique Russian-French magazine «ACTUEL» is a synthesis of knowledge of psychology, health, beauty, hobbies, style of life and culture. It is a magazine about self-knowledge, and how to live every day in harmony with oneself and with everything that surrounds us.

Magazine "STAND" is to provide information and resources for those seeking expert information.  
The basic headlines of magazine are:
Fashion, style, news of fashion industry;
Beauty, health, news of the industry;
Show business news.

Magazine «SOLD» is an info-advertizing magazine directed on promotion of goods and services: discounts and sales, actions and favorable offers of popular shops and brands.

Svoymagazine is published since June 2004 by publishing house « Siberian barber ». It is a magazine devoted to the main events in culture, art and life of Russia.

 «Inspiring magazine» is an actual, modern and positive magazine for people who go by the way of complex development of body, mind and spirit.

 Magazine for parents «WE HAVE A CHILD» is a specialized full-color glossy edition devoted to questions of health, development, education and formation of children from birth to school.


                                                          INTERNET PARTNERS


www.plastic-club.ru  Despite the recession, more people than ever are turning to cosmetic and plastic surgery to improve their looks and self-confidence. We will help you to understand nuances of plastic surgery and cosmetology, to get more information about plastic operations, to choose the best cosmetic surgeon, cosmetician, clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology.

The female Internet salon http://salon4u.ru is a portal opening secrets of women’s beauty, hairdresser's and cosmetology services, make-up, modern fashion, diets and recipes.


The Beauty country www.moscow.strana-krasoty.ru is the unique Internet project. It is the largest online Beauty Site. We´ve got a great selection of beauty salons, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, medical centers and much more in 27 towns. In the near future the number of towns will be increased to 50.

http://oplastike.ru is all about plastic surgery.

www.prelest.com is an information source for women’s issues.  Here you will find topics related to women’s health, nutrition and beauty.

http://mosclinic.ru It is a medical portal with information about all clinics of Moscow. This site is dedicated to producing an online information source on health and beauty.

http://micrusha.ru is a young, but actively developing portal for women. Each woman will find for herself interesting section: beauty, fashion, section for young mummies, autolady, style of life, love and sex, section for brides.

http://to-be-woman.ru  focuses on the day to day aspects of a woman's life. It is an excellent resource for women's Interests: beauty and health, children, relationships, bridal tips, family and marriage, careers and much more.

Women’s magazine «QLi» www.qli.ru  Maximum information about relationships, health, healthy life style, articles about fitness, healthy food, diets and massage and also about beauty.

http://mirvolos.com focuses on the hair and hairstyles, health of hair and correct care of hair.

http://rusmedserver.ru is a medical portal for people leading active way of life. Thematic portals on health, beauty and fashion.

The women’s social network www.myjulia.ru is an excellent resource for women's Interests.

www.ledinn.ru is the virtual women’s magazine. On its pages any woman can find for herself interesting articles and themes for discussions.

http://trendymen.ru – man's online magazine about trends: man's fashion, style, lifestyle, cars, gadgets, accessories, celebrities, yachts. 

http://millionaire.ru is a Russian luxury edition. Millionaire club: businessmen and influential  politicians, representatives of art, culture, sports, show business, high technologies, manufacturers of goods and services.

 www.allwomens.ru is a women’s informative portal. Daily we publish articles, news, photos, interviews and videos: fashion and style, psychology of relations, sensations and gossips, fashionable make-up, modern hairstyles, body care, health, beauty recipes and various services.

http://onemedicine.ru is a medical online magazine. The site is for people who are interested in the newest methods of treatment and its development.

 http://blondie.ru– the first and unique portal for the blondes, united girls and women from all country.

Women’s portal http://krasotka66.ru is a site for girls and women of all age. You will find tons of information related to love, wedding, beauty, health, pregnancy, fashion, diets, cookery.

www.dietaonline.ru is an unique for Russia system of leading healthy life and weight reduction.

 www.fitness-portal.ru is how to care of health and to lead a healthy life style.   

http://bhmstyle.com - the first stylish portal about beauty and health. This specialized Internet edition shows new tendencies of development of beauty and health industry in Russia.

http://video-med.ru is a video medical portal.

http://med-oboz.ru is about medicine, dentistry and plastic surgery.


                                             Galary of VI Grase Award Ceremony





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